Okay, cool.

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Applestock is firing up for year number four! The pan is on the heat and new sounds are simmering in the sauces, teasing at the blue summery flavours of August’s end. Oh baby! Think of the freedom and the food and the dancing and the people you never met but won’t forget, good Lord! The nights ripe with lights and guitars beating at the air with the grass beneath your feet and a lake at your side, and then that hopefully high hot sun swinging over the stage with all those children jazzing in mud turned golden in the heat. Oh baby! The revelry! Oh Lord! The conviviality! Just get yourself insane and get a ticket for the Apple train! Hell to the rain, just hop on that lovin’-bound good-time Applestock train!

Without diluting those images, we must also remind ourselves that even on the most relaxing and family friendly of trains there is a danger to your health and safety. So remember! – no glass, dogs on leads, and no unauthorised fires....... baby.

Please explore the new website, email us if you have any questions, and remain funky.